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Saving the world … one napkin at a time. Happy Earth Day!

Saving the world … one napkin at a time. Happy Earth Day!


Mellow Mushroom supports local artists (including one of our own, Micah Silverman) by joining an independent band on tour as they journey from Atlanta to the SXSW Festival in Austin, TX, spreading music & Mellow all along the way.

Visit the band on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/todaythemoon

• 3/7- Mobile, AL @ Alabama Music Box
• 3/8- Pensacola, FL @ The Handlebar
• 3/9- Baton Rouge, LA @ Mud & Water (Gas, Food & Lodging Festival)
• 3/10- Houston, TX (no show currently scheduled)
• 3/11- Austin, TX @ Cheer Up Charlies (No Play Music showcase)
• 3/12- Austin, TX @ Gingerman (New Granada Records showcase)
• 3/13- San Antonio, TX (no show currently scheduled)
• 3/14- Dallas, TX @ The Prophet Bar
• 3/15- Austin, TX @ New Movement Theater
• 3/15- Austin, TX @ Red Gorilla Showcase- The Alex & Ani Stage at Bourbon Girl
• 3/16- New Orleans, LA @ Gasa Gasa 
• 3/17- Montgomery, AL @ Irish Bred Pub (St Patty’s Day)

The Stone Baked Times, Vol. 1, Iss. 7

Avast! Mellow’s FREE Annual Calendar Has Arrived

Welcome aboard! This year’s calendar features a fabulous tour of the mysterious and magical Mellow Island. What an itinerary we have in store for you. Come on in to your local Mellow and pick up a free 2014 Calendar, while supplies last.

Holiday Gear Sale

Don’t let your hippie friends get cold. Shop online http://mellowmushroom.com/gear for the latest hip and funky Mellow Gear. Through the end of January, we’re offering a Holiday Gear Discount. Simply enter in “melsanta2013” during checkout when prompted for the coupon code to receive 15% off apparel, excluding already deeply discounted Last Chance items.

Mellow Out & Fly Away

Show us why you deserve a trip to Chicago. You’ve got 6 seconds to prove that you need a getaway to the Windy City. Show us what you’ve got, and you could be on your way! There are two steps to entry: create a video on Vine and share it on Twitter using #MellowGoose.

Gift Card Holiday Offer

For every $25 in-store gift card purchase, receive $5 Mellow Bucks just for YOU! Must be redeemed at location received.

New Locations

Visit our site http://mellowmushroom.com/new_locations to see newly open and coming locations.

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun (Silverman pictured second from right)
Photo Credit: Kristiina Wilson

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun (Silverman pictured second from right)

Photo Credit: Kristiina Wilson

Employee Spotlight: Micah

Changing the Timbre and Adding Some Overtones

At HGI, it takes unbounded creativity to provide the perfect combination of logistical know-how  to our restaurants and innovative inspiration to surprise and delight our guests. To this end, we bring you Micah Silverman, Field Marketing Manager.


Micah assists stores with planning, organization and executional strategies for marketing and sales programs. She also helps manage graphics requests and budgets and analyzes marketing trends and initiatives. On top of all this, she’s the bass player in an awesome band.


Hailing from Brooklyn, but born in Florida, she’s been in Atlanta since she was six. Micah majored in music for her first two and a half years of college, but … she played the clarinet in chamber orchestras and even some Dixieland bands. Quite on the path to becoming a symphonic musician, one day she woke up and decided to sell her clarinet on eBay. And the Earth shifted a little on its axis.


Asked about how she started in marketing, Micah says, “Once I switched majors to Communication, my studies started including marketing and  advertising, so I went on to work in those fields after graduation.” She  worked for Clear Channel at a TV media rep firm then Cinema Screen Media for 7 years, where she managed production of movie theater pre-show advertising content and clients. Next she moved to the more technical side of advertising as a Technical Art Director at an interactive digital media agency for a few years before leaving to tour full-time with her band (15-20 dates each month). “While touring, I was fortunate enough to have been offered a position with Zipcar as the Marketing Manager for Atlanta, and I was able to work remotely while on tour.” Pretty cool.


Some notable achievements include:

·         Wining a performance slot on The Rock Boat (the original music cruise)

·         Playing Music Midtown (her slot was right after Interpol and before The White Stripes) and making Rolling Stone for the effort

·         Her current band (Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun) was signed to Greyday Records (US-Portland) in 2011 and Kanoon Records (EUR-Germany) in 2013

·         Her last album WILDFIRE charted in the Top 10 on the CMJ and Sub-Modern charts

·         Her band were named one of Flavorpill’s Favorite SXSW discoveries in 2012


Her band has been dubbed indie-new-wave, dreamy-disco-punk, and indie-electro-fuzz-rock  Micah plays bass, guitar, keys and some percussion. And, yes, every once in a while, she’ll whip out the clarinet.


So, creative clearly, but how does the music help in marketing for Brand Development? Micah responds, “Being in a full-time touring band has been a great marketing challenge that draws so many parallels to the marketing role with Mellow! It’s all about figuring out your demographic and how to best reach them. And once you reach them, it’s all about maintaining the relationship and keeping them happy so they want more! Whether it’s through media marketing (tv, radio, Pandora, etc.), visual collateral (posters, banners, POP), or connecting with people on a more personal level so that they become ambassadors for your brand (or band!), it’s all about how you put yourself out there in the universe, and then delivering on the product with excellence! “


Take a peek at one of her other passions:


"Old Monster"

"We Were Wild"

Dusty Griffin: You’ve Got the Mellow Look

We’re excited to have exceptional talents working here at HGI. For over 7 years now, Senior Graphic Designer Dusty Griffin has been penciling, inking, coloring, writing, cutting, pasting, and doing whatever else it takes to give our fans and our franchisees what art they want.

He helps ensure that art pieces created for the company maintains the Mellow look and produces vibrant, full-color art that speaks to our devoted fan base. In particular, Dusty strives to ensure that the art on our products reflects the fine level of care taken in our food.

Hailing from Carrollton, Georgia, he studied art at the University of West Georgia. When asked about his influences, Dusty responds, “My father was a painter, so I love hand-done sign and poster art. I am highly influenced by Art Nouveau, Psychedelic, Urban, and Graffiti Art. ” Specific artists who have motivated him include  Alphonse Mucha, Arthur Adams, Van Gogh, Stanley (ArtGerm) Lau.

Dusty’s recent industry awards include the following notable achievements:

  • 2010 AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Artists) 365 Award - Illustration and Web Design
  • 2010 Addy Gold Award - Illustration and Web Design - Charlotte, NC
  • 2013 Addy Gold Award -  Illustration - District 7

His favorite medium is hand-done pencil and ink illustration scanned and digitally painted, but he also finds painting from time to time to be cathartic. Watch for this year’s annual Mellow calendar for some amazing examples.

In the meantime, check out some of his online work:

Dusty Griffin

Dusty Griffin

Anonymous asked:

Why can't we get all-you-can-eat magic mushroom soup? Love that stuff.

"There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Wait … what did you ask again?" — Wizard

Anonymous asked:

how many calories in a serving of your Mushroom soup?

The Wizard has esconced himself deep within his tower to research and has recommended you check out our Nutrition Calculator: http://www.nutritionix.com/mellow-mushroom/nutrition-calculator/premium